How do I buy?

1. In the page of the barcodes you want to buy:

  • Insert the desired quantity, then click on ADD TO CART
  • Click on View cart in order to review the content of the shopping cart

2. In the page of the shopping cart:

  • If you want, modify then update the ordered quantity by clicking on Update cart
  • Click on CONTINUE TO PAYMENT in order to pay the products

3. In the page of the invoicing details:

  • Fill in the mandatory fields marked with a red star in the two sections: Invoicing details (left side of the page) and Information for the Guarantee Certificate (right side of the page)
  • Check that you agree with the User terms and conditions
  • Select the payment option: PayPal or Card de debit/credit
  • Click on CONTINUE TO PAYPAL or PLACE ORDER, according to the selected payment option

4. In the page of the payment:

  • Make the online payment
  • Payment with Card is made directly from the website, the communication is https secured and your data are encripted:
    • you can pay with any card, regardless of its currency (LEI, EUR, etc.), because the amount paid is automatically converted to your bank exchange rate
    • you can use any card, either your company’s or not, because the invoice is not issued with the cardholder information, but with the data inserted by you in the previous page in the section Invoicing details
  • Payment with PayPal first require to login to the PayPal website, then to make the payment
  • The invoice will be issued in USD

5. After the online payment is made:

  • After few minutes you will receive 3 e-mails (if you don’t receive anything in Inbox, please check the Spam folder):
    • order confirmation and the electronic invoice
    • ordered products attached in a zip file
    • ordered products as a link to the same zip file
  • The e-mails contains:
    • the ordered barcode numbers
    • their images in 2 vector formats (EPS, PDF) and 3 graphic formats (BMP, TIFF, JPG)
    • the Certificate of Authenticity
    • the procedure for free registration in the
    • the user manual in PDF format
    • the electronic invoice in PDF format


Why buy from us?

If you need barcode packages (with the images, certificate of authenticity & registration), please use the following links: EAN Barcodes PackageUPC Barcodes PackageCD Barcodes Package, DVD Barcodes Package, ISBN Book Barcodes Package and ISSN Magazine Barcodes Package.

We also recommend you to register free your product info in IBNREG – International Barcodes Network Registry, which will allow your customers to find the product info before buying it, by scanning the barcode with the Zebra Barcode Scanner application.

Feel free to make contact if you have any questions.