Code-39 and Code-128 Barcode Images

Here you can purchase sequential Code-39 or Code-128 barcode images for asset tracking. These are used for library books and gym membership cards as well as asset tracking in large businesses.

Code-39 can encode both letters and numbers but requires more space because of this, so if you have a large amount of space then Code-39 could work. However if you are fitting your barcodes into a small space, you may require Code-128 barcodes to ensure that they scan easily at a smaller size.

  • Code-39 or Code-128 Barcode Images

    You can purchase from here:

    • — 1 pack of 1000 images of Code-39 or Code-128 barcodes in 4 formats: 2 vector (EPS, PDF) and 2 graphic (PNG, JPG) at 600 dpi.

    Note: In the final ordering page, in the ‘Additional Information’ section, please specify the barcode type (Code-39 or Code-128) as well as the sequence you want to barcode. Something like ‘Code-39, from DR2000 to DR2999’ works well for a lot of 1000.  The numbers must be sequential.

    This product is NOT automatically delivered. If you supplied all the required information, then you will receive the barcode images within 24-48 hours.

    Pack of 1000 images    Price per Pack 
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    2 $ 33
    3 $ 24
    4 $ 20
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