EAN-13 Barcode Images (for numbers from other sources)

Please purchase here if you have an EAN-13 barcode number purchased from other sources, and require the barcode images for this.

  • EAN-13 Barcode Images (for numbers from other sources)

    If you purchased the EAN-13 barcode numbers from other sources, then you can buy from here:

    • — 1 image of the barcode according to the ISO/IEC 15420 standard and in 4 formats: 2 vector (EPS, PDF) and 3 graphic (BMP, TIFF, JPG) at 600 dpi

    Note: Producing the barcode images is included in our barcode packages, but it can be purchased separately if you bought the barcode number from other sources.

    This product is NOT automatically delivered. If you supplied all the required information, then you will receive the barcode images within 2 – 24 hours, depending on the moment of the day / week when you placed your order.

    Price per Image (4 different formats)
    1 $ 10
    2 $ 10 each
    3 $ 10 each
    4 $ 10 each
    5 + $ 10 each
    10 + $ 8 each
    20 + $ 6 each
    30 + $ 6 each
    40 + $ 4 each
    50 + $ 4 each
    75 + $ 2 each
    100 + $ 2 each
    150 + Please contact us
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Why buy from us?

If you need barcode packages (with the images, certificate of authenticity & registration), please use the following links: EAN-13 Barcodes PackageUPC-A Barcodes PackageCD Barcodes Package, DVD Barcodes Package, ISBN Book Barcodes Package and ISSN Magazine Barcodes Package.

We also recommend you to register free your product info in IBNREG – International Barcodes Network Registry, which will allow your customers to find the product info before buying it, by scanning the barcode with the Zebra Barcode Scanner application.

Feel free to make contact if you have any questions.