1. NO ANNUAL GS1 LICENSE FEE. One-off price!
  2. GS1 authentic and globally unique barcodes
  3. Can be used anywhere in the world
  4. Company prefixes with 10 / 100 barcodes
  5. Online registration, payment and barcode delivery:
  6. -- ordered barcode numbers
  7. -- 2 images in vector format: SVG, PDF / barcode
  8. -- 2 images in graphic format: PNG, JPG / barcode
  9. -- 1 registration in www.GEBIR.org / barcode
  10. -- 1 International Certificates of Authenticity
  11. -- 1 user manual for correct barcoding
  12. -- 1 electronic invoice
  13. Product info using Zebra Barcode Scanner (iOS and Android)
  14. Over 100,000 sold barcode numbers
  15. More than 15,000 customers in 100+ countries
  16. Phone Support: Monday-Sunday, 07:00 - 19:00
  17. E-mail Support: 24/7
  18. Online Shop: 24/7

Our EAN-13 Barcode Numbers come from the GS1 System

No annual GS1 license fees. One-off price! Certificates of Authenticity. Our EAN-13 barcodes are authentic as they originate from the GS1 System (the range of numbers have been reserved before EAN-UCC merge in 2005 and that’s what you don’t have to pay the annual licence fee), are globally unique and can be used in all stores in Romania and anywhere in the world.

iOS and Android application for product info, by scanning the barcode

Zebra Barcode Scanner is an application available for iOS and Android that allows your customers to find the product data before buying it, by scanning the barcode with the mobile phone. The application is getting the data from GEBIR – Global Electronic Barcode Information Registry. The product info registration is free for our barcodes.

Buy Barcodes Online

To quickly buy as many barcodes you want, simply fill in your required quantity and click the ADD TO CART button. Our online store will automatically send you the barcodes by e-mail within minutes.

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We can provide you the barcode Images

You cannot generate the barcode images? Then you can purchase the barcodes together with their images in 4 different formats – 2 vector (SVG, PDF) and 2 graphic (PNG, JPG) at 600 dpi – so that you can be sure that both the image is high quality, and at least one graphic file format will suit your software easily. This way you can easily incorporate an image into your packaging and begin selling your product.

Urban myths - The Country Code shows the country of origin of the product

A common urban myth is that the Country Code (first two or three digits of the barcode) shows the country of origin of the product. Actually, according to GS1 Global, it only shows the country of the GS1 organization which issued the barcode. The product can be manufactured anywhere in the world.

About Us

We operate internationally to expand the availability of well priced barcodes and provide general barcode information worldwide.